Friday, June 2, 2017

Blossom Delegation, Busy Summer & Plan B Meals

Hey friends,

Fun things goin' on around here.  Blossom1 is learning how to mow!  She's known how to drive the tractor for some time now, but this is the first that Daddy has delegated the mowing.  She proven herself faithful in hauling bark, hay, wood and sisters and now she's graduated to mowing the grass.

The busyness of summer has definitely arrived here, hence the delegation of summer tasks to the Blossoms, so I thought it would be a great time to share my latest #mamalifehack with you. 

When I prepare for a grocery store trip, I plan two weeks worth of suppers.  I earmark certain of those meals for the busier nights.  I also mark which days must have a crockpot meal.  Other than that, when we rise in the morning, I pick an available meal from the list and get the meat out to thaw.  The grocery list is comprised of the ingredients needed for those meals, as well as restocking pantry staples.  This system has worked well for us for quite some time.

With busier weeks during the last stages of the play, the end of the school year and the beginning of summer type activities, I began a handy little extra step that only takes a minute or two.  

With the cupboard doors open, while meal-planning and taking inventory of what we had on hand and what was needed, I found myself passing by many components to those uber-quick emergency type of meals.  You know, the meals you throw on the table when nothing goes as planned, when life sneaks up on you and wallops you on the back of the head.  #ouch

In the corner of my meal-plan for the next two weeks, I jotted down those "Plan B" meals.  

I might jot down something like this:
Tuna Melts
Hot Dogs
Container of Soup in Freezer

This little trick has saved me a time or two, when all my best planning has gone awry and the day descends into chaos.  You'd think I'd remember what was in the pantry or freezer, but I confess, I usually don't.  

So, friends, free up brain space; 
jot down your plan B meals 
and move on with your life.  

Frankly,  I need that brain space for other stuff in my life, like what science curriculum I'm going to buy this weekend and whether or not I'll be able to snag a Chai Tea Latte at some point during the convention.  #priorities

Carpe Diem!