Friday, June 23, 2017

Walking With Family

I guess we're a "hound" family, as the Rugged Mountain Man would say.  After a delectable Memorial Day meal, we set off on a jaunt up the Hollow with four canine family members in tow.  

Yes, FOUR.  

Jake, the golden retriever
Rory, the Bernese mountain dog
Boomer, the labradoodle
Eliza, the mini golden doodle, who the girls have now dubbed, Rory's girlfriend.  The latter two "hounds" are my mother and father-in-law's doggies.  

With that many hounds, at least we knew there'd be enough hands to go around.  The only problem was how to decide who was going to hold Grammie's hand and who got to hold which leash.  Not that we had a discussion about those things or anything.  I definitely wouldn't know that from experience.

The weather was divine and I adore country road traffic.  

Read: There was NONE.

May is wildflower month around here and we soak it up slowly and thoroughly.

Dame's rockets are some of my favorites, and combined with the dusky rays of magical sunlight, something in my heart heaves a small sigh of satisfaction.  

It's the same sigh that whispers, "Life is good."  

Not that wildflowers, scenic country roads or good company can really and truly make life good, but they are some of the intangible riches I have in this world.

They are a few of the things that can be conduits of peace in my little existence.  

Holding hands, smiling at little things and capturing the memories in my heart to put away and savor later are sources of joy for me.  

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, 
coming down from the Father of lights..."  

James 1:17