Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Out with Us

Whenever you're in town, I always think you should make the most of it.  Get all your errands done!  See what there is to see!  So, when we were in town for a stellar book sale, I mentioned to my friend, Sue, how 'bout we hit up the Arboretum?

I'm so glad she was game, as it is one of the girlies favorite thing to do there.  

The pussy willows in this planter left me wondering if I had any "low spots" in my yard, so I could plant pussy willows.  Sue agreed.

I'm a horticulture lover.  I'm pretty sure it's a love, passed down from my grandparents, to my mother and now to me.  I couldn't get enough of the sumptuous blooms there!

Everything about the Children's Garden is entirely hands-on.  As a mama, I so appreciate this.  I get tired of telling them not to touch.

Blossom2, of course, gets a kick out of the cave, as did Sue.  I'm pretty sure this is because she has been spelunking a time or two.  

I can't resist the brilliant hues there, including the orange ones!  

Pansies, right along with daisies are such friendly flowers, so jovial and spunky.

And snapdragons are quintessentially springy, if I do say so myself.

In the water (again),

on the chimes,

on the rocks,

and exploring, this place is always full of surprises.

I was totally thrilled to discover the identity of the "bubble gum bush" from my childhood.  We never knew what it was, so we dubbed it thus because of its sweet and fruity aroma.  Now I'm busy checking online for bushes to add to our little micro farm spread.  I can't wait to smell that childhood fragrance again.

In the conservatory, I was so excited to finally discover what a hummingbird nest looks like.  

I hope to one day see one in the wild.

We adore these tiny fairy gardens, as there is so much scope for the imagination there.

Blossom3 put her scope of imagination to work with the funky building blocks.


The old-time pump and watering trough is always a favorite for the Blossoms.

This led to a later discussion on whether or not we could drill a second well and cap it with a hand pump, so the girlies have to pump all their own animal water.  

I'm all about wholesome upbringings and good old-fashioned hard work never hurt anyone.  

Even Blossom4 got in on the pump action, flexing her four year old pixie muscles to get the water going.  

And, that kaleidoscope.  

Ain't no kaleidoscope as cool as the one that mingles the purpley hues of pansies that only God can make.  Divine.  

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into an outing with us... more pics coming soon!

Until then, keep the faith!