Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Orange Shirts

At busy playgrounds or amusement parks, this mama has stumbled on an easy solution for keeping track of all of our Blossoms.  Nope, not leashes.  Nope, not sitting on them. 
Orange shirts.
We call it Mandatory Orange around here.  'Cept this is my new "mandatory" for busy public outings like fairs, craft shows, parks and the like. 
(Pardon the less than perfect shorts, I dress our girls to play, not model.  They like it that way.)

Can you pick out which kiddos are ours?

All day, I counted, "One, two... hmmm, missing one orange shirt... wait, there she is!"

Seriously, check out the craft department at your local Wal-Mart.  I picked these up for $3.00 a piece.  Yes, there's only one youth size to work with, but it works for the girlies.  Now, I just gotta find one small enough for BabyBlossom.  This has only recently become an issue because she was also strapped to me before!  And, on my last trip to Wally World, I was tickled to find a bright orange Gildan brand shirt in my size.  Maybe that'll quell the panic when they come through a gate or down a slide and can't pick me out of the awaiting crowd right away.  :)