Thursday, August 7, 2014

Move Over S'mores, Here Come the Doughboys

Yes, I said it.  We nixed S'MORES... for DOUGHBOYS!

Or, "dose little man-tings" as Blossom3 called them!  What's not to love about golden brown dough, butter and cinnamon & sugar?  So, thaw frozen bread dough dinner rolls at room temperature.  Then, roll them between your hands play-doh snake style.  Attach to your roasting fork like the pic below.  (You could use a stick too.)

Roast over the fire slowly, so as to brown evenly.  You're going for slow heat so the inside bakes and the outside browns.  (and your mouth waters!)

Then, take your stick of butter and slather it on all over.  Sprinkle or roll in cinnamon sugar. 

More cinnamon sugar!

Even more cinnamon sugar makes it even better!

Give it a shot.  I bet you won't go back to s'mores!