Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Memory of the Righteous

The value of living for God day-by-day, day-after-day is immeasurable.  I can't tell you how priceless it is.  Holiness day in and day out can only be achieved by steadily plodding along with the Holy Spirit helping us in each moment.  Only then can a person's final home-going be beautiful and peaceful. 

Think of it like saving for Christmas.  You put a little money way, every day and then, Christmas shopping is a joy.  However, if you shirked squirrelling away funds all through the year, Christmastime won't be so pleasant for you.  You can't make up for the lack of saving.

Similarly, you can't make up for the lack of a Godly life.  Rejecting Christ over and over becomes a lifestyle stemming from a hardened heart. 

Living for God is much like a long term investment.  The eternal dividends pay rich returns of peace and eternity with God.  Those eternal dividends lack the pain of regrets.  They leave behind a rich legacy of righteousness and Godly character.  It brings to mind Proverbs 10:7.

"The memory of the righteous is blessed..."

May the Lord help me to live for Him every day, day after day.