Thursday, August 14, 2014

You can tell a Mama's tired when...

You can tell a Mama's tired when:

- She tells you that she decided against buying a souvenir t-shirt because she has so many t-shirts, she isn't sure she could EAT them all. 

- She almost places boiled lettuce in her child's snack container, rather than in the tadpole container.  (Google it.  Best thing to feed tadpoles in captivity is boiled lettuce.  Who knew?  Ours are thriving!  We've released several frogs already!  Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that 15 month old Blossoms do not thrive on boiled lettuce, only shredded cheese, Greek yogurt and fishy crackers.)

- She finishes NO sentences, much to the Blossoms' chagrin.  (Mama, will you please finish what you were saying?!)

- She worked hard all day, but when asked, couldn't tell you what she did!  (It's just a vague hazy feeling...)