Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thoughts from the Fair

Being that we're 4-Hers now, we've been spending a lot of time at our county Fair.  We've been enjoying this change of pace, especially all the new people we've been meeting and observations we've been making.

Now I know why they call children "kids!"  We watched a Goat Show yesterday.  That's three plus hours of whining, stubborn entertainment.  And that was from the goats, not the Blossoms.  (Actually, a couple of people commented on how well-behaved the girls were.  I was SO thankful for that.)  I just had to laugh at the goats.  They balk.  They cry.  They whine.  They buck.  They dawdle.  They get distracted.  AND, they even do that limp-wriggle thing that we call, "Goin' boneless."  The 4-Hers have to firmly pull the goats to get them to do what they want.  Country entertainment at it's finest!  It is also important to note that "firm handling" is considered a good thing in the goat show world.  Not sure why some folks don't appreciate "firm handling" in the parenting world. 

We've spent a bunch of time observing one exhibitor's hen and chicks.  I've decided that I can relate with the hen.  The chicks stand on her back.  They poop on her.  They stand in her food.  They climb on her head.  They crawl all over her.  They get in her face.  Oftentimes, she resorts to sitting on them.  I go right up to her cage and say, "Honey, I can relate... except it isn't socially acceptable in the human world for me to sit on them."  Seriously though, motherhood is a selfless job with rewards sometimes not seen for years and years and years.  Thank the Lord for grace to keep on, even when I might have that harried, ruffled-up look like my hen friend.

Then, there's the rejoice with those that are rejoicing concept.  There's plenty of opportunities for that... like when your sister wins something for her cabbage, another sister wins something for her sewing project and you win nothing for your zucchini.  But then, the shoe (boot?) is on the other foot when someone gives one girlie boots that don't fit smaller little girlies (yet).  So, the lesson is rejoice with your sister! 

Good times, my friend, good times!  What an experience this county fair thing is!  I'd better get out and take care of home stuff, since I'm actually home.