Friday, August 8, 2014

One Shirt Alert

I think every lady I know who is interested in dressing modestly has expressed the frustration of having to wear minimum of two shirts in order to dress tastefully.  So, when somebody finds an inexpensive shirt that fully covers, flatters, is pretty AND is inexpensive, that somebody ought to share the one-shirt love. 

This is your first official One Shirt Alert!

This Gildan brand tee was $3.97 at Wal-Mart two weeks ago.  It is comfortable, has an unquestionably modest V-neck and a flattering but covering length.  I bought three and I love them already.  And, they've been washed several times in that two week period.  When you pick your size, take note that these are already pre-shrunk, which means the sizing won't change after you wash and dry them at home.  I did notice that you had to pay attention to the sizes.  I found that the white in the medium was humongous, so I figured it was a factory mistake but the blue, purple and gray that I purchase all were consistent in size.  Wal-Mart also had a crew neckline available and loads of other colors.  I'm telling you, for barely $4.00, it's a One Shirt miracle.  Here's hoping that they are still there when I head back for my bi-weekly Wal-Mart trek this weekend, because I plan on snagging a few more!