Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Snatching Family Time

Snatching time seems to be a theme around here lately.  It's a concept I "snatched" from Bonni Greiner's book, Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood, in the last month or two.  

Snatching time is just that - snatching time.  It's taking the small amounts of time you have now to do something good, constructive or meaningful.  It's doing what fits your life goals in those small time increments that sometimes disappear in smoke or get frittered away.  

It's better to take the little bit of time you have now, 
than to wait for the big block of time that never comes.  

I like that snatching time is one of those simple concepts, easy to assimilate into your lifestyle.  Constructive changes that are easy?  I'm heaving a sigh of relief at that happy thought.  

Summer sure can fly by, but despite a busy week, we've managed to snatch some fun family time.  It started after a very hot homeschool meeting at the park.  I decided to be a little spontaneous and let the Blossoms take a dip in the river nearby.  We didn't have sunscreen, swimsuits or towels.  We were just hot.  The girlies grinned, rolled with it, and swam.  The van survived their wet bodies on the ride home and we swiped some 50 cent frosties afterward.  It turned out to be a terrific summer time memory that I know we'll always treasure.

The next day, we dropped by the river and did the frosty thing again before piano lesson.  It was only an hour or more, but oh, so refreshing!  Since the sizzling weather held up, we hit up the river and Wendy's again the very next day for some more great cooling off!  It hit me...

Summer fun doesn't have to be a day trip.

There are just so many expectations for summer and so many demands on mamas.  I think remembering that it doesn't have to be a day trip to be an enjoyable summer activity, helped me realize that I can strike the right balance for summer.  We can prepare for the Fair.  We can take care of the garden.  We can do something cool.  We can just be together.  We can!!!

We've applied that to some family time lately too.  The girlies like their cousin time and I enjoy my sister time.  It's something that's very important to us. 

Just the other day, we ventured to a local park for a few hours.  The girlies and I have really been wanting to explore the creek over there.

The littles enjoyed making "sand angels" in the sand volleyball court.  

We all loved the creek and the wildflowers.  

We walked the nature trail, which took quite a while between all the littles checking things out and the mamas wanting to photograph everything.  It's good we're good with slow.

Snatching family time, now that's a sweet thing for this summer.


PS - For those who might be wondering, my father-in-law came through his heart surgery wonderfully.  He is healing quickly and doing well.  We are so thankful for this answer to prayer.  Thanks for standing with us.