Monday, November 5, 2012

Hmmm, Joey?

Next up is Joey.  Don’t even try to figure out where the name came from.  It’s so old none of us know the reasoning behind it.  Anyway, I’ve known Joey since I was just under 2 years old.  We go way back!  J  (Sisters, duh.)  Her strength that I appreciate is a solid, bold adherence to the Word of God.  It is often unappreciated, even scorned.  Where others waffle, where others trumpet their feelings, where others talk about what they “think,” not Joey.  What does the Word say?  Feelings don’t matter.  Preconceived opinions, thoughts, beliefs and preferences swiftly melt away.  She’s the first that will throw all that out the window when she reads the Word.  And, she’s been reading the Word and standing by her own personal convictions based on the Word since her early teenage years.  Yes, people think she should be more tolerant, even more tactful or more concerned about other people’s feelings.  Bottom line is, though, she’s been concerned about obeying the Word and pleasing God all along.  And, where others gray the line for people’s sake, not Joey.  Gray isn’t in her life color scheme.  It’s always been about what God wants and what’s in HIS Word.  Isn’t that what we should all be concerned about?  The fear of God, not the fear of man?  Thanks, Joey.  You stand, where others bow. 

By the way, Happy 30th Birthday!  May you have many more years of standing!  Continue to refuse to bow.