Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the M-I-L

Here’s one that surprises most people.  I have something good to say about my Mother-In-Law.  (We’ll just call her BraveHeart.  Believe me, if you’d heard the stories of my husband’s and his brother’s childhood escapades, you’d find this name quite appropriate!)  Anyway, I’ve been quite blessed in the In-Law department, so I’d like to highlight her strength in the Body of Christ.  BraveHeart’s strength is the epitome of one of my Dad’s chief principles he and Mom strove to teach me.    “Prefer others higher than yourself.”  She does this!  She is always looking out for what the other person prefers and desires.  She consistently and without fail puts others’ needs, desires and preferences above her own.  (And, she does this without making a big show of how unselfish she is!)  She is quiet – very quiet - about her own needs, desires and preferences.  Being around her has taught me to quiet down and pay attention to others.  Not everyone announces what they need, want or prefer.  My BraveHeart Mother-in-Law demonstrates unselfishness daily.  Watching her unselfishness reminds me to be unselfish – to pay attention and to make my own needs, desires and preferences take second place to others – with a happy heart too, mind you!  Isn’t that who the Lord would have us to think of – others?  Thank you, my dear BraveHeart Mother-in-Law.  You are a living example of unselfishness and I am learning from you.