Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Rotate?

I've never been a fan of double work.  Actually, I often say, "I hate double work."  Then, I correct myself, "I strongly dislike double work."  My Dad and my husband both love efficiency.  I think my upbringing taught me to get the most quality work done in the smallest amount of time.  And, I strive to apply that to wifehood and motherhood.  In this instance, specifically motherhood.  Mommies get so worn out by making the same decisions time after time, day after day.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Usually, it is because we can't or don't stop the cycle long enough to organize our days a little.  I use a concept called rotations to make my life easier.  We have a breakfast rotation and a lunch rotation.  That means, every Monday we have the same thing for breakfast and lunch.  Every Tuesday we have the same thing for breakfast and lunch and so on throughout the week.  This schedule is posted.  It is planned for when I'm at the grocery store.  We always have the ingredients on hand.  They are things I know (most) of my children like or will eat.  Finally, I've (mostly) eliminated that horrid SIGH and frustrated "I DON'T KNOW," that comes out when Mommy is tired, the children are hungry and ready for lunch and Mommy doesn't want another decision to make.  Save yourself the trouble, make a rotation.  They get used to it.  (They'll hold you to it.)  And you can put your energy into bigger decisions.