Sunday, December 2, 2012

She's Looking

So, this morning, in church, I noticed an 11 yr old girl, looking over at a young woman in our congregation.  In that short glance, I observed that the younger girl was evaluating the older girl's clothing.  And, I thought to myself, "Don't look!"

My husband and I are raising three little girls and we want them to grow up into Godly young women - in all things... everyday life, relationships, choices, clothing, everything.  And, this very day, I decided that I would keep my mind on our own business - our family, our girls.  But, I will send out this twofold plea:

#1 - Young girls~ Don't look to the every "Christian" young woman as your example.  Not all of them are exemplifying a way of living or dressing that is pleasing to God.

#2 - Young women~ Please realize that the young girls are watching you.  Stop being so selfish and worldly. I cannot believe that you'd walk out the door looking like that.  Look in the mirror and listen to the Holy Spirit's view of your outfit and attitude.