Monday, December 31, 2012

Why Order?

Everything I do, I do for a reason - a reason found in the Word.  So, here are my top reasons for keeping a tidy home:
- Check out Proverbs 31, specifically verse 27.  The woman is BUSY, hard-working and industrious.  You just get the feeling that all things are in order.  Things have been cared for well.  Many women dislike this chapter simply because they can't live up to it.  You're right, you can't, unless you're walking in grace.
- Check out Titus 2:5.  The older women are to teach the younger women all sorts of things, including how to be workers at home.  There are OODLES of things to do at home.  Can't find anything?  Go to your front porch, open the front door, think like a visitor and walk inside your home.  Suddenly, you realize what work there is to be done (if you happen to be one who has grown immune to cobwebs, dust and clutter.  Some of us know the work to be done but are on the verge of insanity at the thought of how to accomplish it.)