Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Wash Machine Moment

As I was throwing a load of wash in the other day, I glanced around at the hampers and realized that, on a Monday, the wash was caught up.  (I do about 2 loads of wash every week day, so that we always have the wash somewhat under control.  It has long since been a good system for us, keeping me from daily being lost under mounds of dirty clothes!)  The first thought in my head was "Thank God."  (I'm not bragging on myself.  I've had my share of self-righteous satisfaction in my own accomplishments, but God is always sanctifying me.) 

My sister and I are extremely task-oriented, a trait we inherited from our mother.  You'll often hear our morning conversations going something like this,

"How's your morning going?"

"Great, just movin' and shakin' over here!"  This is usually accompanied with a list of our productivity thus far, combined with grins and happy comments from both sisters. 

And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, at all.  There's something to be said for getting up and getting going on the things that need to be done to keep a family running like a well-oiled machine.  It's really the nature of being a keeper at home (Titus 2:5).

I know the lows that can come with accomplishing "nothing."  I know how it feels to be behind, to be completely defeated by a schedule packed with good things, that don't allow time for necessary things.  I know what it feels like to be leered at by clutter and toys and dishes and unfinished projects. 

This is why I love Philippians 4:13. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Yes, I can do all things, but the main point for me, is the THROUGH CHRIST.  If I can accomplish any tasks, it is THROUGH CHRIST's strength, through His grace, with His guidance, with His wisdom, with His help. 

So, yes, there are days when the tasks don't get done for various reasons, but it isn't for lack of trying.  (I've gotta do my part, yo!)  I walked away from my washing machine moment, reminded to give God the glory, especially when it's going good.  We're so prone to take the glory upon ourselves.  And, it truly belongs to Him.  He is how I get up every day to work at educating our children, cooking wholesome meals and keeping the house tidy.  Him.  He has guided me from the beginning of this journey and will continue until Heaven is my home. 

It's all through Christ.