Friday, January 1, 2016

To doodle, oddly

"The benefit of an odd upbringing is knowing odd things."
~ With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

I had a terrific upbringing, which some people might've considered odd, though I did not consider it as such.  As a result, my brothers, sister and I all have somewhat unusual hobbies, interests and pursuits.  (My two brothers once spent several months perfecting spud guns/potato cannons.  At each spud session, the spud guns got bigger and bigger as they improved each model... Until there were no potatoes for Easter dinner and company was on the way.  Oops.)  Anyway, I've noticed that many grown homeschoolers continue the trend with unusual interests. 

That being said, one of my brother's interests just so happens to include fountain pens.  We've shared several conversations on their quirky benefits, always ending with me happily doodling on his fancy paper.  So this year, guess what my little brother got me for Christmas...

 A set of fountain pens and ink! 


I love to write.  I love neat handwriting.  I love journaling.  I love doodling.  As you can imagine, really nice pens fit right in with that. 

Check out what I've been up to lately.  My brother's gift enabled me to take my doodle art to a whole new level.  I've jumped on board the calming coloring page trend.  My mind had previously wandered into creating inspirational adult coloring pages, so my new tools helped make it happen.  Check them out at my Etsy shop, "La Chic Dominique."  They are available as instant digital downloads.  Print now and get coloring!

Hope you enjoy coloring some of my creations. 

I love that it's art, with meaningful messages such as, "Love does," "Grin" and "Only believe."

"Only by grace" is coming to the shop soon, along with "He walks beside me."  I'm having so much fun!  Enjoy!

Happy New Year!!!