Monday, March 28, 2016

Game Time - Spot It & Tell Tale

A couple of my mom friends encouraged me to try out the game, "Spot It."  Thanks to their enthusiastic recommendations, we now own Spot It Jr., Frozen Spot It with Alphabet Letters and Princess Spot It with Words.
Spot It Junior Animals
Spot it! Disney Frozen - Alphabet
Spot it! Disney Princess - Words
Blossom3 is our Spot It queen.  She adores the game and will play Spot It continually.

The whole family plays Spot It together sometimes.  We love laughing at Daddy's names for the Frozen and Princess characters.  It's quite astounding that Blossom4, who is two, is catching on to Spot It. 

It's amazing how Spot It improves their powers of observation.

It's also a highly portable and fairly inexpensive game.

As I was researching other compact games created by Blue Orange, I stumbled upon the Disney Princess version of Tell Tale.

You know the Blossoms are in to the princesses.  They also have quite the imagination.

I liked the idea that this is a game to create a story to match the pictures, causing the Blossoms to work together, rather than compete against one another.

I snapped it up and the girlies are pleased as punch with Tell Tale.
We weave outlandish tales,


snuggle, both with each other and with the cozy canine varieties

and venture boldly into "Once upon a time in the land of make-believe." 
#1 - I wasn't paid to write this.  I'm sharing my tried and true experience.
#2 - Spot It Jr is for 3-5 year olds, but my 5 year old outgrew it fast.
#3 - Frozen Spot It with Alphabet is of medium difficulty.
#4 - Princess Spot It with Words is a higher difficulty level as the words can match pictures OR other words.  It has proved to be challenging and fun.