Friday, March 4, 2016

Have We Forgotten?

I feel like we've only barely tasted winter this year.  Thus, I'm reluctant to believe that spring is truly on the way (although you saw my spring preparations the other day).  For the health and happiness of our family, as well as my own contentment, it has been a sound decision to embrace the seasons ~ to smile at the days ahead. 

Something as simple as getting out for an afternoon in your own woods, having the Blossoms cook up a lunch over the fire and relaxing together, as a family, in the outdoors, is truly time to be relished.





Mamas, have we forgotten to smile? 

Look up from your to-do list.  Glance away from your discouragement for a moment.  Choose to smile at the silly antics around you.  Let it filter through the cracks in your drill sergeant front.  Decide to let joy fill your heart over something little.  Opt to take a deep breath and smile at the days ahead.