Friday, March 11, 2016

On Co-op, Animals and Mac 'n Cheese

The Blossoms have been enjoying this session of our homeschool co-op.  The lineup includes a cooking class, creative writing class, health and body systems class, art class and a Dr. Seuss style play-learning class for the Littles.  I've been co-teaching the cooking class and it's very rewarding to see the students equipped and inspired in the kitchen.  The Rugged Mountain Man was impressed by Blossom1 and Blossom2's homework assignment.  They made a supper of homemade stovetop macaroni and cheese (with bacon on top - boo yah!) and a fruit salad on the side. 

They highly recommend this recipe from Alton Brown, the scientific food mast-ah!

Additionally, this time of year, I'm banned from the feed store, so with the instruction of Blossom1's creative writing teacher, she concocted this plan for acquiring more animals. 

How to Convince your Dad to Get You More Animals

1.   Choose an animal: Try to pick a purebred animal so that Daddy will be easier to persuade. Also, when choosing the animal, research its uses, values and costs to raise it.

2.   Work with your animals: When Daddy sees you working with the animals you already have, he will think you are worthy of more animals.

3.   Consider the housing: Sometimes when people sell animals they will have a pen or a traveling cage to sell also. Try to get Daddy to drive by there sometime soon.

4.   Don’t tell Daddy: If Daddy finds out you want an animal, then he won’t take you there, pens or not.

5.   Buy the pens: When you are finally there, convince Daddy to buy the pens and get them safely secured in your vehicle. Then, you have a way to transport any possible animals home.

6.   Comment: If you comment on the animal, perhaps the people selling will tell Daddy that the animal is for sale.                                                                                                         

7.   Beg: Here is when your research comes in handy. Tell Daddy the good information about it and how you take such good care of the animals you already have. Then, he will be on the spot and you will usually acquire more animals.

Daddy was amused by this scheme, though claims he will no longer be hood-winked.

After co-op, we all hang out and get our "much-needed" (insert trademark sarcasm here) fix of socialization.  Then, we head over to library for a class on Poetry Performance.  It's a little more creative writing, poetry appreciation, drama and team-building all blended into a delightful package of zany educational activity.  The girls created some amazing haikus (Japanese poetry with very specific syllable parameters) and other snazzy group poetry as well.  I love the diverse, freedom-centric experience that homeschooling offers.  It's safe to say they're loving it too.

PS - My favorite thought of the week was by a homeschooling dad, who also happens to be a college professor.  The gist of it goes something like this, "No one ever failed college because of a lack of social skills.  Those things come very quickly.  Students fail college because they have never learned how to teach themselves or learn independently."