Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Paintin' Faith

Instead of painting the town red when Daddy's gone,

I painted the island red.  Or, at least one of my favorite apple-y shades of red. 

It's safe to say that I'm now a fan of computer color matching.  The Lowes lady convinced me. 
But, see that bright Boysenberry purple?  That's what it looked like in the paint can.  I was cryin' scared!  I'm not lying.  I told myself NOT to cry.  I willed myself NOT to cry.  I gulped and then I just painted, thinking, "How can I have faith when I don't even know the Lowes lady?  Is she trustworthy?  Will she get me through this???  Was she just trying to sell me something?"  There's a faith lesson here.  The reason faith gets you through is because you know the God in which you trust.  He's proven Himself trustworthy to me time and again.  Hence, I can believe.  I can step out in faith.  His trustworthiness produces peace when I venture past into the unknown. 
Check out the stool on the far right (above photo).  That's the apple she used to match the color.  Now I know the Lowe's lady is trustworthy.
We'll be invincible together!

And yes, Daddy approved of the island-painting project because:
A: He knows I like color.
B: It only cost $16.00.
C: I did a good job.
D: No one was hurt.
E: I cleaned up after myself AND put all the tools and brushes back where I found them. (My parents made SURE I knew how to properly clean out paint brushes. #reallifeskills)