Monday, August 8, 2016

Big and Little

I confess, as I sat in my chair this morning, having my morning cuppa tea and quiet time, I was jolted with the remembrance that I have a blog.  You can laugh; I did.  The blur overtook us for a few days.   And, it was oh so worth it.  But more pictures and such another time.  I'm resting today.

During my quiet time, I've been pondering things that we want to pass on to the girls, things that we want to be sure to teach them.  This morning I prayed specifically for insight into our children's hearts and wisdom and understanding for my dealings with them.  Later on, when soaking up some rest and reveling in long-awaited restful recreational reading, Blossom4 bounced in.  She climbed into my lap and snuggled up in the way that we usually start each morning.  I tickled her and told her that she did good staying dry all night, the usual Mommy and Blossom4 morning chatter.  She piped up,

"Mama, when I jump on yo' bed, I am BIG." 

My thoughts immediately starting moving past what seem to be a meaningless and random childish statement.  After a moment's pause, I asked,

"What are you at bedtime?"

She replied with, "I am dust a yittle girl den." 

Blossom1 at 1yr old!

We moved on to other teasing.  "What are you when Daddy tickles you?"  "What are you when Mama helps you?" and giggles ensued, but the pattern remained.  She was big, invincible and independent at times and vulnerable and little at other times. 

This conversation has given me much food for thought all morning.  Once babies are passed the high and obvious need stage, our society pressures us that they are and must act independent and unattached.  I know.  As a mom, I've felt the pressure in situations too numerous to count.  Our children feel independent at times, yet there are still times and moments of vulnerability, in which they are just children, needing us.  I feel as though the Lord has granted me a shaft of understanding into my children's hearts.  They are growing in independence and skills, but there are times the Blossoms really are "just little girls."  I want to use this knowledge and insight into their hearts to respond in compassion and mercy, by God's grace.  My heart whispered gratitude at this simple answer to a mama's prayer.