Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Musings and Meanderings

I am very hopeful that my computer issues will be resolved soon.  In the meantime, I thought I'd check in and say hello.  We're wrapping up our summer over here in the Hollow.  We went on an expedition today to a little dive of a restaurant called the Purple Cow.  One of the girls had mentioned a purple cow offhandedly in conversation with an old friend, so we had to try it out.  It was such a fun little jaunt. 

It's definitely harvest time here in the Hollow, which, although we're not Amish, means that all hands are on deck to process fruits and veggies and get them on the canning shelf or in the freezer.  I've certainly put in my time of canning/preserving by myself with a screaming toddler clinging to my leg, but this year, THIS YEAR, I have minions, y'all.  The sheer wonder of having minions cannot be properly appreciated until one has birthed and trudged through the raising and training of their own minions.  It's years worth of work.  Once, when my brother was eyeing up our minions, who are trained to assist in butchering deer, the Rugged Mountain Man lifted an eyebrow and shot back with, "Raise your own minions."  It's really astounding the number of elderberries the girlies and I can de-stem in an hour on the back deck with just an audio book to keep us company.  We've enjoyed How to Eat Fried Worms, The Twits, The Min Pins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we've just started James and the Giant Peach.  That oughta give you an idea of the number of elderberries we've de-stemmed.  (And yes, the girlies are big Roald Dahl fans.) 

And, speaking of the back deck, I'm thrilled that construction has finally begun on the roof over the back deck.  When my computer is back, I'll show you a picture of the boulder (yes, boulder) that the Rugged Mountain Man and I dug out of the first hole.  We had to dig five.  We dug all but one of the holes together and I'm bloody proud of them.  Yep, bloody proud.  There's just something about doing tough work with your man.

I've been thinking a lot about motherhood lately.  It's interesting how motherhood drives some women to despair OR motherhood drives some women to prayer.  What's the difference?  Why is this so?  We can mistakenly believe that we are enough.  If I believe I am enough to be the "right" kind of mama, the kind that is effective and Godly, I will return to despair time and time again.  (probably at about the 8pm mommy-ometer plunge)  The fact of the matter is that I truly am not enough.  I will never, in my own strength, be the "right" kind of mama, the "good" kind of mama.  What I'm doing every day is a spiritual work, cloaked with loads of the mundane.  The only way I can ever accomplish anything worthwhile in the sight of God, is to work in His strength and grace. It's not me.  If I think it's me, I will despair.  If I think it's God working through me, I will pray.  I will pray early.  I will pray often.  I will whisper to Him.  I will shout for His help.  I will plead.  I will cry out.  I will return to His presence repeatedly for more grace, more strength.  Motherhood drives me to prayer, not despair.  Today, I offer the comfort that you truly aren't enough and there's nothing wrong with that.  Don't despair, return often to prayer. 

Stick around, friends.  I'm really not gone.  More thoughts from the Hollow soon.