Saturday, September 3, 2016

Catching Up

Hello friends,

It's been quiet around here lately, in more ways than one.  My computer is finally fixed, so let's hope my online presence will resume.  I've missed sharing more regularly with you.  The Blossoms have been visiting their Grammie and Pappy for a few days.  They are set to return any minute.  I'm typing furiously in an attempt to pop in and say hello to all of you before they need my attention. 

I did use the quiet to tackle reorganizing the schoolroom.  I feel so much better now.  I spent hours rooting out paper and junk.  The results are gloriously calming.  Admittedly, I snapped this shot before the girlies re-entered the house.  I'll share with you how things look after they return.  I discovered that I have quite the mason jar habit.  I counted those in service in the schoolroom alone, only to detect a "minor" obsession.  There are TWENTY mason jars serving in here!  Good thing I have good friends that help out with my addiction fetish. 
See that jumble on the dining room table?  It's the last Colonial ball gown in progress.  Our Colonial Williamsburg trip is only a few short weeks away.  Blossom4's dress is the last to be done.  She'll be tickled to see the makings of a bodice laying out when she gets home.  Little by little gets the job done around here.
Thanks to the recommendation of some friends, I took some mama time this week too. 
I can officially cross kayaking off my life list of things to try at least once.  My friend, Janice, was an excellent teacher.  The creek was calm and the scenery lush and tranquil.  The three of us mamas had a refreshing time of fellowship.  I felt revitalized!  I came home smitten with kayaking too.   Prior to returning home, I snagged Janelle and dropped in on a favorite local ice cream joint.  Yes, I was that lady with the shamefully large hot fudge brownie sundae that all the people in line were oohing and aahing over.  I just grinned and dove in.  When you have mama time, you must make the most of it.  Chocolate and fresh air and true fellowship.  It doesn't get much better than that. 
Have a restful Labor Day!