Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Pack N Play Problem

The little heat wave we had recently was affecting our rabbits.  Rabbits don't do well in the heat.  They actually like the cold better.  The girlies had to relocate some rabbits to the garage, which is much cooler.  We were trying to avoid heatstroke.  It's a good learning experience, recognizing the signs of heatstroke and knowing what to do about it. 

Sebastian is a Tan, which is a friendly, mischievous and active rabbit breed.  He's also a Blossom favorite.  When we ran out of cages, they "needed" to bring him in the house.  I proposed that we put him in the pack n play, so that some school work would get done.  Otherwise, he was exploring the house, with four Blossoms gleefully in tow. 

I guess Sebastian felt that exploring was much more desirable than the white and navy netted walls.