Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gaga Pit Goodness

One of my favorite parts about the Fair, aside from seeing all the Blossoms' hard work pay off, was the Gaga Pit.     

Gaga ball is an arena version of Dodge ball.  Gaga means "touch-touch" in Hebrew.

The Livestock Committee completed this pit literally days before the Fair started.  It was an outstanding investment in the children. 
 As we were watching the hog show earlier in the week, Blossom1 and Blossom2 kept cheering for 4-Hers whom I'd never met.  When probed, my "poor unsocialized homeschoolers" (insert extreme sarcasm here) informed me they'd met in the Gaga ball pit. 
The Blossoms spent their free time just outside the poultry/rabbit barn, playing game after game.  Then, they'd jump up on the rails when they were out or ready to rest.  (Do kids ever rest?)

Who else plays gaga ball with the smoke colored mountains and a grassy valley as the back drop?  On the last night of the Fair, the Rugged Mountain Man and I mistakenly thought we'd get home and get to bed for a good night's rest.  In the end, we couldn't bring ourselves to tear the girlies away from their gaga ball marathon evening.  It was the pinnacle of their week and their celebratory mood was tangible.

The girlies were chatting, laughing, organizing, sassing, dancing and dodging.  The two of us willingly reclined on the vintage church pew perfectly situated for those of us who pointedly avoided the gaga pit and its fast paced fun.  It felt so good to rest, hold the Rugged Mountain Man's hand and mull over the week with him.  Eating wings and deep fried oreos was a pretty big plus too.