Friday, April 7, 2017


Things have been pretty normal around here lately.  Well, maybe I should say that things have been normal FOR US lately.

On Wednesday, one girlie noticed a bird in the wood stove.  When she opened the door to capture it, it flew out and took refuge inside the basement ceiling.  Great, just great.  We decided to let it creep out on it own, since the broom handles being knocked on the ceiling were not doing the trick.  Later that night, Blossom4 was getting her jammies on.  She came flying out of her bedroom, half-dressed and shouting, "Dere's a BUHD in our room.  It's behind the door and I tink it's a GWACKLE!!!"  Much to the poor starling's chagrin, it was corralled by four screaming and giggling Blossoms armed with several towels and then released on the front porch.  It promptly circled and flew back inside the open door.  Clearly our company is quite enticing.  Blossom1 promptly captured it again in the laundry room and this time was able to permanently release it.  #allcreatureswannabeapethere

Blossom1 and Blossom2 met one of their 4-H goals.  After a clinic with an older 4-Her a few years ago on rabbit tattooing and help from Daddy more recently, they have now begun to tattoo their own rabbits.  Things don't always go smoothly, as you're dealing with permanent ink, a sharp tattoo pen and animals who really do not want a tattoo in their ears.  Now Blossom1 has a new and permanent "freckle" on her arm.  Since they'd already taken many precautions, we used it as a life lesson.  "Always, always, ALWAYS remember that when you make a decision, it can have consequences for the rest of your life.  Make good decisions.  When you look at this, remember consequences."  #4Hproblems  #noMommydoesnotwantyoutotattooMOMonherear

For whatever reason, the Blossoms were discussing red hair vs. blond hair this morning.  Blossom3 was loudly and adamantly demonstrating an aversion to red hair, much to Blossom1 and Blossom2's annoyance.  "That's not very nice, Blossom3," they chided her.  I told her she'd better watch out or God would give her a red-haired husband.  Blossom4 sat on the couch, brushing her dolly's hair and mumbled disgustedly, "Ugh, I don't like red-haired husbands."  #??????????

Blossom2 wrote her spelling words on the board arrayed in an angel costume and makeshift veil, because she could.  #characterswelcome

After our Sci-Fri experiment, Blossom4 explained that magnets only pick up metal and not her, because she is a person, not metal.  She explained that the magnet couldn't pick up the pennies or the buttons for the same reason.  She was able to narrate to me that magnets work in water and through air.  I was so excited to realize that even our 3 yr old gleans from family science experiment time.  #homeschoolbaby

Well, friends, it looks like it's going to be a normal weekend here.  I've got a trip to the green house planned.  There will be some yummy family favorite chip dip to chow down on tonight.  There's a family party tomorrow and the Rugged Mountain Man is celebrating that statewide holiday known as Opening Day of Trout Season for Children.  It's gonna be a smashing weekend!  For now, I'm off to make ten plus gallons of sweet tea.  No biggie that I've never made it before; it can't be that hard, right?