Friday, April 14, 2017

Pretty Penny Pincher

Holidays are probably the days I feel the biggest pressure to buy something new.  I'm guessing I'm not alone.  Everybody feels pressure to get something new at some point in the year.

We live a single income lifestyle on a single income. 

That means, I've learned to shop my closet and practice contentment.  I'm certain one can do a lot with an American woman's closet.

For Easter Sunday, I wanted colorful and springy, so I pulled out my thrift store mint maxi dress, a clearance rack cropped denim jacket, those Mother's Day sandals from last year, a bargain necklace and a new pair of earrings from the Blossoms.  While I'm pleased with this breezy ensemble, this mama is also thankful that she can be well put together with out busting a hole in the budget.  I'm pretty sure the Rugged Mountain Man is thankful too.

As my sister says, 

"Sometimes, the best way to save money, is to simply not spend it."