Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Your Long Lost Library Books

We love the library!  The Blossoms are blessed with a love of books, reading, and learning.  Since I can't make multiple trips to the library in a month, I'm not exaggerating when I say that we bring home 60-100 books at a time.

I keep the titles in a checklist in Evernote, so that I can keep track of what we have floating around our place.  The due dates are recorded in my Google calendar so we don't accrue fines.

The girls are allowed to read any time, excluding chore time, meal time and loading time.  They are also allowed to read anywhere, as it's too constricting to say that they can only read library books by the shelf in the dining room or near a book basket in any given room.

On library day, the Blossoms brings stacks and stacks of books to the computer in the schoolroom.  I make sure they've been entered on their book lists, check them off the library list and drop them in the library bags.

Inevitably, there are books missing.  

By now, we're professionals at performing massive search efforts in all the usual spots, under the couch, under their beds, and on our book shelves.  

During our recent efforts to return books to the library, I discovered a terrific #mamalifehack that helped immensely in locating the last few missing titles.

I googled the missing book titles.  

Why would that be helpful?

We can't always remember what the book looks like, but our internet search brought up the author and a picture of the book cover.

I could then see if the book was an easy reader, hardback, story book, or chapter book, etc.

I could tell which Blossom probably had the book last.

I could more easily sift through our bookshelves, because I knew the approximate size, type and look of the book.

Mamas, I located two missing books in a matter of five minutes, which left me wondering why in the world I'd never googled the books before!

The next time you're frantically digging through the couch cushions, vowing never to visit the library again, just google it.  Your search just might end with a smile and a sigh of relief.