Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Lately

I'll try my hardest not to bombard you with any more snow pictures, even though I've got more to share in my embarrassingly vast picture gallery.  The change from winter to spring is such a refreshing transition.  I endeavor to enjoy winter and embrace the days and the weather as they come.  It helps me to smile at the days ahead, like a virtuous woman ought.  Every day is an attitude choice for me.  Then, when winter finally gives way to spring and the every day tasks start to change, I smile some more... at the springy days ahead.  

Recently, Blossom3 brought down the house with her rousing rendition of "In Her" by Shel Silverstein.

"In her long mink coat
And her buckskin pants
And her lizard skin boots
With the rattlesnake bands
And her beaver hat
With the raccoon tails
We heard her shoutin’…


For her first poetry performance in the Kid Poets' Society's Jack & Shel Show, 
she probably stole the show.  

Sorry, Jack.  

Better luck next time, Shel.  

Blossom1 and Blossom2 continue to improve in their poetry and theatrics.  It's exciting to see those "shy" girlies blossom into independence as they're ready.  They wowed us with their gestures, smiles, confidence, and humor.  

For once, we actually colored eggs on the warmest spring day prior to Easter.  It's kinda like chili night at our house.  If I cook chili, it will, inevitably, be unseasonably warm outside.  Every time. Correspondingly, if we have eggs to color, it will be unseasonably chilly.  

Not this year; we colored them on an 85 degree day!  


For once.

Hey, I'll take it, even if it means I ran to Walmart on said morning to buy 2 dozen white eggs because brown eggs are very uncooperative at Easter time.

I'm not sure why people buy their children toys.  This A-frame that formerly belonged to my swing is their favorite spring time toy.  Seriously.  ALL of them play on it constantly.  

It has fostered no end of interesting climbing configurations and inventive activities.  It makes me smile, because it reminds me of my simple childhood, a delightful time that included a whole lot of cartwheels, the above wooden balance beam, dirt, a rope swing, a pine tree and a clubhouse.  

Good times, my friend, good times!

The spring mornings here have been lovely.  

Whether I'm helping the Rugged Mountain Man get out the door or having some quiet time, I'm enjoying the green hills, against blue mountains, and a morning sky.  These are the fresh starts that every mama needs in her day. 

Speaking of fresh starts, there's no better time of year for a fresh start, than Easter.  

Blossom2 and Blossom3 put this Resurrection garden together yesterday.  

"First, go fill this with dirt."
"Ok, make a cross with those sticks."
"Can you find some moss?"  

Off they went on their little finding excursions.  

It's so meaningful to see a stone over a little "tomb."  Christmas always reminds me of God's great love in sending His Son to Earth for us, but Easter reminds me of sacrifice, a sacrifice that was done for me.  Like Blossom3 explained to Blossom4 this morning, "Jesus did that, because if He didn't, we would have to."

Looking at the burden He carried on the cross and how He overcame death, I marvel again at so great a salvation, friend.  Bunnies, eggs, and chocolate don't touch my heart, but the cross does every time.

May the cross and His resurrection be real and personal to you right now,