Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Backpack Dump

Backpack Dump
~ Fair Week Version ~

To make up for my recent bloggy-silence and for your personal entertainment, I thought I'd do a little dump here.

My family bought me this amazing canvas backpack last Christmas.  It has become my hard-working go-to for any sort of day trip or more than the usual rugged type of outing.  It's hefty, loaded with pockets and matches almost everything I wear.  My family has good taste!!!

Here's what I discovered inside, once Fair week was over:

- plenty of pens
- permanent marker
- my child's checkbook
- wallet, of course
- bidding number for the livestock auction
- sunglasses
- hackey sack, so I can relive my 90s teenage years at a moment's notice with my Blossoms
- broken balloon
- sticky note list
- roll of duct tape
- mangled granola bar, because you know they'll eat THAT if they're hungry
- several zipper pouches that house things like ibuprofen, personal items, fingernail clippers and more pens
- three different flavors of gum (Why isn't one enough?)
- extra camera battery
- change pouch, which also houses my Buck knife
- claim tickets for items on display at the Fair
- old handlebar grip for Blossom3's bike, since I was supposed to find a replacement at some point in the last two weeks
- flashlight
- random bracelet I found at the Fair
- Blossom4's belt and belt buckle
- 4H wristband that fell off
- hair tie
- miscellaneous garbage and old reminder lists
- wipes that were obviously accessed NUMEROUS times
- compact mirror
- mommy cards
- chicken show lineup/brochure
- livestock auction lineup/brochure
- camera, not pictured

I have to say, the roll of duct tape is definitely my favorite!

Have a wonderful day!