Thursday, August 10, 2017

Catching up on the Fair

"The Fair," as it is known in our house, has concluded and we are settling back into our normal lives again.  It was a phenomenal week, which considering the logistics that go into a week like that, is saying a lot.

I think that I should just change my title to Logistics Manager, for that is what virtually every thought went into - coordinating all the details.   What equipment do we need?  What time do we need to be there?  What food do we need to take?  What are we having for supper?  Are the show clothes clean?  Do the pens need to be cleaned again?  When are the next deadlines?  Things flowed smoothly and I'm so, so, SO grateful for that. 

Sometimes I like to sum up experiences in one word.  This one would be "rapport."  The whole ten days were about establishing a rapport and building on that.  From the ladies and gents at the gate to the rabbit and poultry chairpersons and volunteers, it was a whole lot of getting to know more people - the same people year in and year out.  

I like that.  I'd actually call that demonstrating character.  People are getting to know our character.

Every pen cleaned, every barn swept, every time you ask "What next," it adds to what folks remember about you.  How did I respond to the good?  How do I respond to the bad and inconvenient?  

Why is that important to me and mine?  

Because Jesus.  

I parent the way I do because I believe it's what Jesus would do.  

I'm friendly because I believe it's what Jesus would do.  

I try to help because I believe it's what Jesus would do.  

We're trying to raise the girlies with a standard of excellence, not approved by any person or code, 
but a standard that He is looking upon.  It's a high mark, but with His grace, 
we can share Jesus through our life.  I feel like they're learning that in experiences like this.  

There were other parts to this Fair experience, like Blossom2 winning Reserve Grand Champion meat bird.  She was so pleased, in her quiet undemonstrative Blossom2 way.  Here, you can see a local professor teaching the kids how to tell a good meat chicken from a terrific one.  I sure learned a lot from the judges of the poultry and rabbit shows.  I love that 4H is about sharing knowledge.

There's other Fair week stories, like the stag beetle a friend discovered in the poultry barn.  Amidst excited cheers from the girlies, we promptly fed it to one of our favorite laying hens. She devoured it!  I guess it was the special cream-filled kind!  #redneckentertainment

Then, there's the annual pedal tractor pull put on by some of my favorite volunteers.  My girls always enjoy this little community competition.  Blossom4 was sure to get the green tractor, because they're the best.  #redneckpriorities

Because the girls placed so high in the rabbit and chicken shows, I got a backstage photographer "pass" to that part of the livestock auction.  That really means I shot the breeze with some of the other moms while waiting to snap pics.  

It was a good thing too, since the official 4H photographer was occupied when one kid's meat chicken decided to make a break for his freedom.  I swooped in, despite my clean-for-once-during-fair-week jeans and tackled the chicken.  
Apparently, I might've saved the day... for the 4-Her, not the chicken.  

My boots got a sweet workout this week.  
They are finally getting that distressed look that I prefer - lots of character.
You know I love the Fair because nobody looks askance at cowboy boots.  #classy4Hmom

Our fairgrounds are some of the most picturesque around.  This enabled me to snatch a few restful moments wherever I could - on a bench by the ga-ga pit or lounging on the bleachers.  I breathed in the peace whenever I could.

The views and the skies were glorious this week.  

The shadows were friendly and the goats were too.  

The girlies and a friend were enjoying to walk some curious goats for another 4H friend.  It turned out to be one of the highlights of their week, especially when the goats decided to "taste" her iced tea!  Bubbling laughter ensued!

I'm thankful for all the people who put so much time into their communities to make 4-H and county fairs happen.  It's been a blessing to my family and I'm looking forward to many more in the years to come.