Friday, August 3, 2012

A story for the ages

"Skipper" is 2 years old.  And she is potty-training herself.  Or, she's really ready for potty-training.  Actually, we've finally started the formal potty-training, now that the garden is in, is under control, the wood is stacked, the 4th of July picnic/bash has passed and the cross-country trip to visit relatives is over.  But, on our way back from that cross-country trip, Skipper made a doozy of a story.  We were in Taco Bell.  And, Mommy was asking questions about what's on which taco or burrito.  It'd been a long time since I'd taken the crew there!  So, I'm almost done, and I hear a gentle, pleading voice, "Poopy, Mommy."  "Ok, just a second, Honey."  "Blah, blah, blah" to the cashier.  I smell a smell... I proceed to finish the order and pay.  And then, it registers, I hear hysterical laughter.  It is in our direction.  With a sinking heart, I look down only to be properly horrified.  I find that she is standing there, shorts down and diaper down, patiently waiting for Mommy to help her.  GAH!!!  The problem is, when she pulled the diaper down, it smeared down her leg, on her clothes and sandals and when she lovingly leaned against my leg, it smeared on me.  Well, I always say that parenting is humbling!  My child's pants were down in a public place!!!!!!!!!!!  We got it all cleaned up and we had a pleasant meal.  And, the lovely laughing crowd thanked me for the entertainment.  They were also glad that their 3yr old son isn't the only one who does that stuff.   

Moral: You can only laugh if your kid does it too.


Second Moral:  When she says "poopy," she means NOW.