Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Words

What does a wife do when she hears someone speak against her husband's decision?  She mulls and it grows... she mulls more and it grows larger.  In my experience, discontentment only leads me to further sin - anger, bitterness, etc.  Being a Godly wife is already like swimming upstream these days.  We as Christians ought to cheer each other on toward more Godliness!  Let our words encourage wives to submit to their own husband.  Let our comments help a wife to be content and graciously supportive of her husband's decisions.  If she doesn't like the decision, let our words help her to be quietly submissive until the time when the Holy Spirit wants to her to speak out. 

"Oh Lord, let my conversation, encourage every wife I encounter to be content in her marriage and obedient to her husband."