Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Favorite Tradition

At the beginning of the school year, I instituted a new tradition.  It is referred to as the "Friday Experiment" here.  Every Friday, I have scheduled a hands-on, science experiment/experience.  "Oh," you say, "what is so impressive about that?"  Well, it's big stuff to me.  I don't like messes that can be avoided.  Read: I avoid Play Doh like the Bubonic Plague.  It is not allowed inside the house here.  I. just. can't. take. it.  However, I was raised with a Hands-On kind of Mom.  I know that is how kids learn so many important things!  So, I have to make myself do messy things with my Blossoms.  And, we're a few weeks into it.  I'm loving this new tradition!  We have microwaved Ivory Soap (just to see what happens) and made our own "bouncy" balls.  We are looking forward to a Sparkly Explosion tomorrow and making our own Fluffy Bath Paint too.  Pinterest is loaded with good ideas for our new tradition.  And I'm glad we're getting our hands dirty trying them.