Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Resource

My sister and I were recently discussing word studies and the easiest way to find where else in the Bible that same Greek or Hebrew word was used, no matter how it was translated.  I've used Strong's Concordance, as well as Dake's Annotated Reference Bible.  Voila!  She shared with me!  What an amazing resource!  I love it!!!!  I've been tickled pink with it every time I've used it since then.  Here's why:

- With the Bible/Dictionary search, you can search for a word in 18 different translations (rather than just KJV with a Strong's Concordance)  OR
You can search for a specific scripture.

- From there, you can check out the meaning of that word by clicking the Strong's Number superscript.  OR
You can click the Scripture reference and look at each individual reference and context with that word you searched for in it.

- Then, when you've clicked the Strong's Number superscript (that's the little tiny upper numbers), it will bring up the meaning of the word, how it is often translated and all the other references using that same word.  Also, you can click to check out connected Greek or Hebrew words. 

More next time...