Monday, September 24, 2012

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An entirely different option is available on the home page of this amazing site.  Type in a passage of Scripture (ex. Ephesians 5).  In the right column, click Read/Print.  You can read the Bible in two formats (verse or paragraph) in the translation of your choice. 

Additionally, click LISTEN and you can choose from 4 translations for an audio version of the Bible.  (My husband paid a lot of money for my full set of Bible audio CDs.)  This truly is an amazing (free) tool for wives and moms.

Studying the Bible isn't just for pastors and Bible school students.  We, the average Christian, need to feed our spirits and be able to defend our faith.  We need to grow in doctrine!  It is our responsibility! 

Do you think that Bible study takes too much time? removes that excuse, The answers are instantaneous.  You can find out what a Greek or Hebrew word means.  You CAN study the Bible.  I've been truly blessed by this web site.  I hope you find it as useful as I do.  Be blessed in your study of the Word!