Monday, September 3, 2012

I noticed something

I decided to be quiet... really quiet about my husband's "flaws" or even little "habits."  If the Bible says an unsaved husband can be won without a word, it made me wonder what difference a quiet, Godly woman could make in her saved, Godly husband by being quiet. 

Big Shocker - - - - The difference I noticed was in ME. 

When I started being quiet, mustering all the self control in me and every bit of grace that was offered to me by the Holy Spirit, I noticed that I prayed more for my husband... in the right attitude.  Wow.  Is that what quietness does?  Does is make a Godly woman focus on the right things?  Praying instead of nagging or "enlightening" or reminding. 

Lord, help me to be more quiet.  Help me to pray more fervently.