Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't get sucked in!

I love Pinterest.  It is an amazing tool for me.  Recipes.  Educational ideas.  Science Experiments.  Cheap DIY projects.  Easy sewing projects.  Cute things for my Blossoms that don't cost a fortune.  It's an idea goldmine for me, a stay-at-home wife and mother.  However, there's definite possibilities of being a quagmire of time-wasting and day-dreaming.  There's no room in our daily routine for time-wasting.  God gave each one of us 24 hours.  And, if I'm striving toward fulfilling His desire and plan for each day, I must stay the course.  Sometimes I have to jump on Pinterest often, to review a new recipe for tonight's supper, to check what ingredients I need for my homemade pledge dusting spray and then, inevitably, I see all the intriguing things people are pinning and think, "I've gotta pin this now.  I'll never see it again!"  I get sucked in!  And, 15 minutes are gone before I know it.  A friend of mine offered this solution.  Just add a link directly to your own boards to your favorites.  Now, I never see my pin feeds from those I'm following until I KNOW I have time to browse a little.  And, Pinterest has remained an amazing tool for me.  Sometimes we just have to keep things in perspective and use them instead of letting them use us.  I believe that's wisdom.