Friday, April 12, 2013

Little by Little

I've talked to a number of Moms about getting things done.  Those conversations, combined with my own personal experience have led me to realize that each Mom MUST adjust to doing everything (yes, I mean EVERYTHING) little by little.  Most of us prefer to start a task, avoid interruptions and do that task until it's finished.  In fact, way back in the day (7 1/2 years ago) when I worked my 8-5 office job, my boss related to me that it is proven this is the most efficient and intelligent way to work.  You think more clearly, make fewer mistakes and keep a more intelligible train of thought.  Enter children.  Reality.  Yes, the reality is that most of us don't get to work that way, especially with children.  And, it can be so frustrating.  The frustration finally melted away (mostly) when I realized that I had about 15 minute increments to work with, sometimes more and sometimes less.  I just didn't like thinking of my children as interruptions.  It rubs me wrong.  I say that and what I really mean is that in my heart, that's not how I feel about them and that's not how I want to treat them.  I started planning in a way that reflected that.  The year Skipper (#3) was only a few months old (born in January, planted the garden that May), I literally planted a garden, kept it up, harvested, canned or preserved the produce successfully, all in fifteen minute increments.  It took perseverance.  It took self control.  It took wisdom.  But, it worked.  I apply that concept to everything now.  If I have a few minutes before we start school, I clean a bathroom.  (There are three in all.)  At least one is clean.  And the children are still happy.  Little by little things get done around here.  Big projects take a million tiny steps, but I conquer them.  I encourage every Mom to apply this concept to her never-ending to-do list.  I'm convinced you'll be happier and so will your children.  Don't worry, they grow and maybe your work increments will get longer too.  Just think to yourself, little by little.