Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cabin Entertainment

We got to get away at the cabin for a few days recently.  Upon arrival, we had a slight hiccup with the stovepipe, prompting us to have a colder first night than usual AND prompting a trip to the hardware store in a town over the mountain on the following day.  I told the girlies it was an adventure and they just rolled with the punches, I'm glad to say.  The Blossoms were so glad we had to go to the hardware store, because that meant they got to attend the Flaming Foliage Festival parade of queens.  This is monumental, in fact, because Blossom1's 4-H leader won Fair Queen this year and is something of a local celebrity to the Blossoms.  Additionally, if you know the Queen, you get extra candy, just sayin'. 

Aside from the small stash of odd and ends of toys that I have stowed at the cabin, I don't pack much in the way of entertainment.  That is, unless you consider countless e-books as entertainment, then, I pack uber heavy (in the form of a Kindle Fire).  Otherwise, the Blossoms entertain themselves.  (There's woods, water and fire, what more do you need?)  This long weekend included swiping some mountain family kindling to repurpose into "The Hammersley Queen," a vessel fashioned exclusively for sailing the spring waters of our nearby creek. 

Her trusty captain, Blossom1, worked diligently and was rewarded with a seaworthy vessel. 

Blossom2 discovered a deer jawbone while the whole family was hauling wood for the winter cabin stash.  She derived great pleasure from carefully removing the teeth from the jawbone to add to their collection/museum.  Yes, there are now deer teeth in my house.  It's a scary thing that I'm mostly ok with that.

Blossom3 decided to make her scrap wood into a penguin, in honor of Blossom4's favorite animal.  Mommy thought his beak was cool, though it hadn't made it on him yet in this pic. 

Blossom4 was content to climb on the picnic table and lose everyone's nails (much to Mommy's chagrin) or steal the hammer and run.

While Daddy took Blossom1 and Blossom2 on a (long, locational-skill sharpening) hike, I did a little walking with Blossom3 and Blossom4.  Autumn light is a magical thing, in my opinion.   If it's just a glimpse of the beautiful light that exists, it makes me think that light in Heaven must be breathtaking.  (See Reepiceep's experience with liquid light in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for more inspiring thoughts on light.)

Some of my time with the "little Blossoms" included teaching Blossom4 how to throw sticks and stones into the creek.  She loved it!   She kept using the sign for "more" and "again!"