Friday, October 3, 2014

One Shirt Alert: Avon

It's another one shirt alert!  I realize that this one's a little chilly for tanks, but I'm still getting a ton of use out of these jewel-toned beauties.

For $29.99, you get FOUR tanks.  The purple, pink and teal tanks are one shirt wonders!  (The white is a little too see through for one shirt wear, but still wonderfully usable for layering.)  They are vintage soft and also a bit thin (which explains the white see-through problem), but still great to wear by themselves.  I love the flattering neckline, the lace accent on the shoulders and the perfect length.  Since I've been using them for layering, I'm able to get so much more use out of stuff that was sitting in my closet.  (I'm doing a happy dance right now.)  I did notice that the sizing was a complaint in the reviews.  My sizing seemed just about on.  They are made to be a bit more fitted.  Honestly, I'd be afraid to order up since I think the neckline would be too low and gapey.  My summary on these shirts is this:

If they had these in 5 more colors, I'd buy one of each. 

Seriously.  That's how much they've helped my wardrobe... and that's getting them at the tail end of summer too.  I can't wait to use them next summer!

One word of advice:
Don't wash in the same load as your husband's cargo shorts that have a (dumb) patch of Velcro on the pocket.  Yes, it does stick to the lace accent.  Yes, the lace looks icky after that.  The happy ending is that the fuzzy lace has relaxed a bit in the washings since then, making it more wearable again.

Sizing: Good
Price: Good
Neckline: Perfect
Length: Good
Color: Rich
Buy Again: Definitely