Friday, October 10, 2014

And then he was free

Back in June, we brought a jar of tadpoles home from our vacation at our family's cabin

The little black tadpoles morphed quickly and were promptly released as uber-tiny peeper frogs.  The much larger brownish-green tadpole has been morphing all summer in the aquarium on the dining room table.  It's been fascinating for us to watch him.  (Even Blossom4 called, "Fahhh, FAHHHH," when we'd peer into his tank.)

(Photo Credit to Blossom1)

Since yesterday was the last warm day we'll probably have for a while, we released him (ahem, his name is PolyFrog), even though he still had his tail.  He took off swimming and jubilantly hopping on golden submerged leaves. 

Since my childhood rang with strains of "Bullfrogs and butterflies, we've both been born again..." I've always thought of tadpoles as representatives of salvation.  While I think that those are good examples, they are not perfect examples.  This little guy's morph process took months.  Salvation is a change that comes in an instant, at the moment of the heart's surrender.  That's the miracle God does in us.  It's like no other phenomenon in nature.  And, it's a beautiful work I continue to pray for my lost loved ones to experience.