Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let us put God first

I was reading a post on regarding making God the priority of your homeschool.  This quote is wonderful:
"If you don’t put God first in your homeschool,
if you don’t teach your children about God,
then you have failed."

That's pretty hard core, but I appreciate that kind of honesty.  Plus, reading the entire post let me see that this quote came from a seasoned homeschooler.  The beauty of this quote is that you can remove "homeschool" from the quote and insert "parenting."

Many Christian moms are borderline obsessed with having more children, yet they've not mastered the most basic building block of Christian motherhood - their part in their child's Christian education. 
You are a disciple maker - literally. 
This child came into the world by your body and now you have a heavy responsibility to make a disciple of her (or him). 
At the end of the day, what will you have done to that end?
Let us put God first.