Friday, February 20, 2015

A Few Thoughts

This week was busy - dentist appointments, presentation practice, piano, 4-H presentation, gym class, first day of co-op, first day of a class at the library, plus a viewing, funeral, travel and a new puppy.  Now I know why I was so tired!  That doesn't even count all the school we did this week.  During weeks like this, I like to sort through my thoughts.

My husband's Uncle Ron passed away on Valentines Day.  We are sad, of course, but oh, how wonderful it is when a Godly man leaves a solid, holy legacy.  I know that we and his children and grandchildren grieve.  The memories!  They are sweet.  They are untainted.  This is the blessing of a holy life.  This is the beauty of that Godliness.  It is priceless.  And these thoughts I share now are only the part of the legacy that I can see on this side of Eternity.  I can only anticipate the beauty of the rewards of a Godly life on the Heavenly side of Eternity!

On another note, I've thought this week a bit about intimidation.  I feel like the Lord has helped me to grow up even more in recent years.  Standing on principle and not allowing myself to be cowed by louder voices and opinions is a good thing.  Long ago, our church suffered from a very manipulating woman who wreaked much havoc in people's lives.  I was a teenager at the time.  Aside from the pain it caused in my own broken friendships, I realized that intimidating and manipulating people is wrong.  However, the person allowing themselves to be intimidated or manipulated holds a responsibility as well.  This lesson comes to my mind when I find myself in intimidating situations.  I don't "buck," just to "buck."  I stand up for right. 

I also felt the Holy Spirit reminding me not to be a braggart.  Because I like to talk, it is easiest to share all that encompasses my life.  While some folks genuinely enjoy listening to "the details of me," I must make an effort to draw other folks out, whether they be old friends or new.  I may not mean to brag, but I have realized it is much easier to chatter on about the Blossoms, Rory and our week.  It takes extra effort to draw other folks out in conversation, to hear about them.  I think most folks who like to talk need to be extra careful about this.  I don't think the Holy Spirit wants me to walk away from a conversation thinking, "I wonder how they are doing?" simply because I was too caught up in the details of me to find out for myself. 

So, God is doing good things this week.  I am thankful that He continues to work in me.  After all, the Lord disciplines the child He loves!