Monday, February 2, 2015

A Crocheted Masterpiece and a Legacy

Sometimes a little surprise in a day is like a springboard.  I received a mysterious package in the mail from my aunt.  It turns out she decided to pass on the handmade coverlet that was daily displayed on top of my Grandma's cedar chest.  It is a crocheted wonder, especially to an amateur crochetist like me. 

We believe it to have been a wedding present to my Grandmother in 1950. 

Such beautiful work.  Such a treasure for me to possess.  What Aunt Gale did not know is that I had already been given a matching table-runner and doily a few years back when some of Grandma's things were given to the children and grand-children.  Unknowingly, Aunt Gale helped me achieve a full matched set!  It was meant to be!  :)

It was the kind of surprise that makes you grin to yourself every time you think of it. 

I realize that this is one of those earthly treasures that won't go be with me in Eternity, but when I look at it, the word "legacy" immediately comes to mind.  For some reason, it reminds me to think those sobering thoughts. 

"What legacy am I leaving my children?" 

"What are the true treasures I'm passing to them?" 

A beautiful piece that jogs such important reflections is worth having around.  I'm leaning toward draping it over the armoire in our bedroom.  When I awake to enjoy quiet time with the Lord, it will remind me to share Eternal things with our Blossoms.