Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's a random house...

I am not interested in a magazine perfect house.  A friend of mine once mentioned that our home was so welcoming and lived in.  I took it as a compliment; I felt she meant it as such (especially since she has five children and would understand these things.)

Look closely.  Who put the fork in the fireplace so perfectly and then carefully closed the glass door?  The mystery is still unsolved. 

The girls and I went to see a professional Russian Ballet Troupe perform Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake a week ago.  During our Swan Lake research, we made these pretty Ballerina Snowflakes.  (Check them out from Krokotak, via Pinterest!)  They charmed all the girly-ness in this house, and were easy too!   

Jake and Daddy felt the same way about Swan Lake, so they stayed home and watched Blossom4, probably reading Pouch! by David Ezra Stein, numerous times.  It's one of her favorite books!

Blossom4 just wanted to demonstrate what all Steelers fans feel like right now.  Packer fans at least can take the bag off their heads, since they made it a little further than the Steelers... he he he.  

Have a good day, my friends... from a random, lived-in house.  :)