Friday, February 13, 2015

Super Heros?

The girlies were invited to a super hero birthday party.  They were encouraged to dress up as their favorite super hero.  Super heros are not a big deal here.  (Now if you had said, dress up like a princess, that'd be a completely different matter.) 

In fact, I believe their exact words were, "Do we have to dress up like a super hero?"  Of course, my response was no, but I actually thought they might regret it if they got to the party and saw everyone else dressed up.

 I realized that I have my dependable stash of felt, material and dollar store glitter glue just waiting for a quick little project.  And though the Blossoms don't love super heroes, they DO love a good craft session.  Since it had been a busy week, I figured a fun crafty session was in order. 
Ladies and Gents, meet Blue Streak!
And, here's Leopard Girl!


And watch out for 4-H Girl!

It was a slapstick project.  They painted quickly and desperately tried to keep Blossom4 out of the supplies.  (That was a lost cause.  Thank goodness that glitter glue is nontoxic.)  We snipped and pinned and such.  I dried the glitter glue on low heat in the oven, which was probably the lightbulb moment of the DAY.  If I'd wanted the logos to be a bit more Pinterest friendly, I would have used the nice glitter paint from the 90s craft craze.  But, I knew we didn't have time for that stuff to dry.  The Dollar Store stuff was just fine.  What a super fun project!

The next time you're in trouble, why not call on 4-H Girl, Blue Streak and Leopard Girl?!?!  They are sweet super heroes!!!