Monday, February 9, 2015

Words from a friend

I spent some time with a friend of my mine the other day.  I enjoyed seeing her home for the first time.  I was marveling at the beauty of their place, which is tucked in to a charming, delicious wooded kettle.  After exclaiming at the neatest rustic Dutch door I'd ever seen, I was evaluating her home décor style, as compared with her style of dress.  (For the record, styles of décor and styles of dress do not necessarily have to be congruent in a person.)  I wouldn't necessarily label my friend as rustic in her mode of dress, yet her home was decidedly rustic.  She is more a jeans, cozy and chunky sweater and offbeat, original earrings kinda gal.  So, I was probing her on the difference in her dress and home décor.  She mentioned, "I am not rustic,

...But I love my husband."

That may very well have been the single most impactful statement of the entire afternoon.  And it did my heart good to hear such a strong stance of love from a fellow believer.  I feel inspired to finish my sentences like that this week.

I planned a certain meal on the menu...
"Because I love my husband."

I chose what he preferred,
"Because I love my husband."

I wore a certain outfit,
"Because I love my husband."

I did what he wanted me to,
"Because I love my husband."

I'm inspired.  I hope you are too.