Monday, July 13, 2015

Mountain Laurel

We recently headed up to the mountain where my parents (aka "Gramma & Grampa") live. 

I towed the log splitter up there since this year's wood is done.  (I had to put that in here because I was so very tickled to have hooked it up and hauled it up all by myself!  The Rugged Mountain Man said he would, but I told him I could handle it. :)

What I really needed was my Mom's mad sewing skills.  I got myself a $2.75 dress at Goodwill for the upcoming wedding we'll be attending.  It was a weird length and needed a modesty panel inserted into the neckline.  Yes, I can sew pretty well, but I knew it would take Mom WAY less time to do this project than it would for me to do it. 

Besides, I love an excuse to head up there to be with Mom.  (I passed Dad on the way up, right after I'd dragged an enormous branch out of the middle of the road.  This is real country livin,' folks!)

Our area is known for its Mountain Laurel and although my husband hates the stuff (for good reason!  If you're a hiker and you get stuck in a huge patch of it, you can get all disoriented and lost!  Bad news for hiker people!)... As I was saying, although he hates it, it is rather beautiful. 

Actually, Grampa came back later and took the Blossoms on a mini-hike around the perimeter of their acreage.  Such a great little Tuesday afternoon.

Family and nature ~ it's so refreshing!